Innovation + Power

The advanced power base of the ROVI X3 is designed for Individuals that need a complex rehab solution & lead an active lifestyle. Unlike other mid-wheel power bases, the ROVI X3 was engineered to offer an unprecedented blend of stability, power & suspension.

The Active Ride Control Suspension (ARC) on the ROVI X3 is an independent suspension system that provides an enhanced ride quality, allowing for easy obstacle negotiation & minimizing impact for the driver. Equipped with 4-Pole motors, the ROVI X3 delivers a smooth ride with dynamic performance and torque that can keep up with the most active lifestyle.

Carlos Alfaro | ROVI Ambassador
Carlos Alfaro | ROVI Ambassador
Carlos Alfaro | ROVI Ambassador
Carlos Alfaro | ROVI Ambassador
Carlos Alfaro | ROVI Ambassador
Carlos Alfaro | ROVI Ambassador

Stability + Control

The unique chassis configuration of the ROVI X3 delivers a weight distribution that brings more mass to the mid-line of the base.  This provides increase stability while also creating an industry leading narrow overall width of just 23.25” in overall width.  The control system of the ROVI X3 is based in the proven platforms from PG Drives.  The ROVI X3 is available with both VR2 and R-NET drive controls to meet the individual needs of each consumer.

See how the ROVI X3 came to be, and our tour to show ATPs and Clinicians how our product stacks up with the competition









ROVI was born from an idea of pushing conventional thought aside and considering all the possibilities, without reservation. We brought together the collective strengths of many....not just a few.

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