"He is deeply passionate about disability representation and accessibly as well as equality and justice for all disabled individuals"

The Art of Mike Mort

Mike Mort is an upstate New York based artist, activist and entrepreneur. Diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in the late 90’s, Mike has been a power wheelchair-user for over 17 years. He is deeply passionate about disability representation and accessibly as well as equality and justice for all disabled individuals. With his unique digital artwork, he hopes to change the way society looks at disability. Mike specializes in creating images that reflect the strength and power of disabled people by using the theme of superheroes and other pop-culture icons.


We recently partnered up with Mike Mort and commissioned him to create a series of Super Heroes in ROVI X3’s. He created a different Super Hero, utilizing the colors of our standard fender options. We were blown away with what he came up with, and loved that each Hero carried a different persona and disability. We as a community want to support everyone and make sure they know they can be Heroes, no matter their disability. As a special request, we also wanted to celebrate our ROVI Ambassador, Mikey Carother’s Birthday. So we dedicate the yellow Super Hero to Mikey Carother's!


Check out all the illustrations that we had commissioned below and use the link to download them all. Share your favorite on Social Media and use the hash tag #myrovisuperhero and we will feature you in our story.





Super Hero Mikey!

Mikey Carothers’ story is one about a young boy gaining his first moments of independent exploration.  Learning all the fun things he can do on his own and all the new places he can go.  For Mikey, it’s a whole new world!


We wanted to celebrate Mikey's Birthday with a Special Edition Super Hero based on him. Mike came up with a rendition of Mikey sporting his favorite color, yellow.


Learn more about Mikey, and the story of regaining his mobility!

Above: The pieces that were commissioned by Mike Mort depicting different Super Heroes and fender colors offered on the ROVI X3.









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